Flag 4 Life


We began by incorporating the products into their main website, giving its focal placement on the home page, and then moved on to provide a simple platform for exploring and purchasing items. Applying the company’s branded logo and palette; we achieved a clean design as well as a straightforward user experience.


Our graphics team was quick to recognize the graphic design specification of the brand. Patriotic and energetic vibe. What was needed was a way to create the graphics on that energy, dramatizing not just the brand itself but crucially the patriotic customers. In the end, the brand trusted our judgment and behold we were able to create distinctive graphics according to the brand’s personality.


The Flag 4 Life website was built around a custom eCommerce design. With the concept of an online clothing store in mind, the products are sorted by category and under various filters so that users can shop according to product categories. The product pages allow an in-depth look at the product. Users can scroll through gallery images. Site visitors are able to easily navigate through the website.

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