Peek-a-Boo Mommy


We love to create the perfect balance between the image our client wants to portray and the likes, dislikes, and motivations of their potential customers. After all, your website is yours, but it’s for your clients! We wanted to create a website which would convey the true natural of life and the rare experience that parents can experience when seeing their developing baby. Through piecing together responsive web design, emotive copy and stunning imagery, the result is one we are all very proud to showcase!


The client wanted to give special attention to security and make sure that the new website will be impenetrable to any computer virus. Our developers made sure that security patches has been built around each pages of the website so no virus can invade. A secured website is always a top priority!


Our goal for Peekaboomommy is to look as good on a smartphone device as it does on a large desktop. Considering that a rather audience visits their website using mobile devices and tablets, we set out to create a flawless mobile experience that invites users to intuitively browse through Peekaboomommy’s services. So we implemented subtle features as part of creating a great mobile experience for their customers.

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