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The initial bold steps taken with the redesign allowed the new website to move away from the previously dated design and navigation. We wanted a very approachable feel and great navigation to the site. Simple, sleek, and streamlined. In the end, we created a new brand that fit that direction, and improved user data collection to help make informed decisions.


METHODIC Marketing started off with keyword research, helping identify new keyword opportunities that would enable the brand to thrive with more visitors and build awareness through search. As we recognize trends and continued our content promotion, the relationships that we build created traction and awareness.


Through a variety of brainstorming sessions, and by working close with the brand, METHODIC Marketing created enormous social contents, likes, shares, and clicks on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. All of our work is done in-house by great social media persons in the industry, alongside a supportive team of in-house designers and marketing experts.

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